"My wife!" I exclaimed: "O God! Make me not the butcher of my wife!"

A shadow falls over the Enlightenment when a stranger pays a visit in this tale of one family's slide down the slippery slope of reality. Featuring spontaneous combustion, demonic ventriloquism, murder and madness, Wieland offers a wealth of high weirdness for fans of the paranormal. The Invisible College Press is pleased to resurrect this forgotten classic of dark literature.

This edition includes a comprehensive biography of Charles Brockden Brown from the 1856 edition of the Cyclopaedia of American Literature, and an introduction from noted scholar James P. Lynch.

"[Wieland] is not just an enjoyable and unusual execution of the gothic novel, but simply a good read, and a fascinating precursor to other American writers like Edgar Allen Poe." - Nicole Perrin, My Life In Books

$14.95 retail. 300 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

Some quotes from Wieland:

"The steps had now reached the second floor. Every footfall accelerated the certainty of evil. I cast my eye towards the window. If the door should give way, it was my sudden resolution to throw myself from it. Its height from the ground, which was covered beneath by a brick pavement, would insure my destruction; but I thought not of that."

"I had snatched a view of the stranger's countenance. The impression that it made was vivid and indelible. His cheeks were pallid and lank, his eyes sunken, his forehead over-shadowed by coarse straggling hairs, his teeth large and irregular, though sound and brilliantly white, and his chin discolored by a tetter. His skin was of coarse grain, and sallow hue."

"So flexible, and yet so stubborn is the human mind. So obedient to impulses the most transient and brief, and yet so unalterably observant of the direction which is given to it! How little did I then foresee the termination of that chain, of which this may be regarded as the first link?"

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About the Author: Charles Brockden Brown

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