Catherine Simone

Cathrine was born fully developed at seven months. Nearly every person, who encountered this new baby, had to take pause to marvel at her mysterious, purple eyes, beauty and thick black hair. (It is rumored that the dimple at her tail-bone was caused by a tail, which was removed at birth.)

At four years old Cathrine was climbing out the window at five am or dashing across the street purposely prompting drivers to frantically blare their horns. All this havoc was dramatically subdued by Cathrine’s endless capacity for love. The neighbor’s ferocious guard dog, who would snap and snarl at everyone including it’s own owners, was nothing but affectionate mush when shockingly discovered in Cathrine’s hugs.

By the age of six, Cathrine’s nearly constant imagination was already delighting and tormenting her younger sister with numerous tales. One being of aliens who abducted and took the place of the real Cathrine, their mother and then would soon come to do the same with her. (Cathrine is still trying to make up for emotional bruises left from this story.)

After years of struggle, the humbled, adult Cathrine has finally tamed her inner beast and will use her strengths for positive growth, though on occasion she may just jump out from a corner your about to turn and yell, “Boo!”

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