The world may never know exactly how many presidential candidates -- and presidents themselves -- have encountered one or more unidentified flying objects. But we certainly do know that one of them -- Jimmy Carter, when he was governor of Georgia -- did see one, and formally reported the event to a privately funded UFO research group in Washington, D.C.

The aftermath of that report amounts to a politico-semantic case study, especially now with publication of UFO Politics at the White House: Citizens Rally 'round Jimmy Carter's Promise.

Produced by a pioneer in the thick-and-fury of the politics of UFOlogy, UFO Politics at the White House brings together a few hundred letters sent to the former president upon his taking office. These letters, postcards, and telegrams center on Carter's election-campaign promise to look into (and reveal) the official evidence for UFO reality and to work toward ending agencies' coverup of the UFO experience. Researcher Larry W. Bryant's selection of the letters for this volume includes a sharp running commentary on their import and aftermath.

This book should appeal to the seasoned UFO researcher and to the UFOlogical tyro alike. But its content -- its cosmic zeitgeist, if you will -- goes deeper than the mere pursuit of UFOtruth. "On one level," says Bryant, "these letters signify the conscience of the body politic, a conscience that rebukes and resists propagandistic erosion from the keepers of the Ultimate Secret. On another level, they signify a bloc of perennial aid and comfort to all enemies of autocratic decisionmaking."

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About the Author: Larry W. Bryant

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