Would you enjoy spending your vacation recreating the Mason-Dixon Line?

Want to measure the Sacred Geometry patterns of Washington DC streets for yourself?

Don't trust the government to tell you where your property line ends?

Then you'll need to learn about surveying. And if you are going to learn about surveying, why not learn it the way our forefathers did? Come with us as we retrace the steps of the early Revolutionary War-era masonic surveyors such as Charles Mason, Jeremiah Dixon, and George Washington.

Samuel Wyld's classic tract on surveying was originally published in 1725. It ran through 7 editions over the course of 55 years and was widely distributed in England and America. It was considered the standard and all surveyors in good standing used Mr. Wyld's methods and tables.

This reprint of the classic 1st edition includes comments by noted scholar David Manthey on the accuracy and methods used by Wyld, as well as updated astronomical tables, a summary of surveying instruments, and a lexicon.

$14.95 retail. 244 pages, 9"x6", trade paperback

Here's what Samuel Wyld says about his book, The Practical Surveyor:

"In this small tract you'll find the whole Art of Surveying Land epitomized. The rules and methods here laid down in a plain and familiar manner, such as are fittest for a Practioner's use, without an unecessary mixture of useless curiosities and needless repitition. And although brevity be chiefly intended, yet nothing is here omitted, but what might be well enough be spared in a treatise that immediately relates to the Practice.

Here's what the critics have to say about, The Practical Surveyor:

"The result is a book that is as clean and bright as a new penny. To the book he [Mr. Manthey] appended notes and a glossary, sections that are uncommon in reprints, yet in light of their usefullness, one wonders why more publishers do not do the same. Manthey's mathematical analysis of Wyld's survey computations is excellent. His explanation of Wyld's terminology is also very good." - Professional Surveyor Magazine

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