"Kill him," Bunny whispered as she tightened her grip on me. "Kill my husband so we can be together forever."

Bunny was what sex boiled down to. One hundred percent pure. The end-all, be-all drug -- upper, downer, and everything in between. And me -- I was the addict who'd lost all sense of shame. I was the burnout on the street, the junky in the gutter, the loser in the sewer. I'd sell my soul for the next fix of that girl.

Carnival owner O.B. Krass never should have married Bunny LaFever. He's too old and she's too full of fire. She's mad for kicks, and it'll take more than a sugardaddy's dough to tame that animal inside her. Enter Randy Everhard, a carny after the easy score. But the con man meets his match in busty, blonde Bunny. When these raunchy grifters hit the road, Randy spins into a downward spiral of depravity with shiftless strippers, sadistic sheriffs and outlaw bikers. Tattoo of a Naked Lady is a Molotov cocktail of sex, carnivals and methamphetamine that explodes the empty come-ons and carnal appetites of the American way. Tattoo of a Naked Lady is a joyride of bad taste -- Spillane at his worst meets Bukowski, Crumb and John Waters at their best.

$14.95 retail. 284 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

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What people are saying about Tattoo of a Naked Lady:

"Think of Hunter S. Thompson on double hits of Viagra and you have someone close to resembling Randy Everhard." -Razor Magazine

" is a great homage to all the sleaze that went before and, hopefully, all the sleaze that is left to come." -Java's Bachelor Pad

"This book rocked!! Randy will take you on a hair-raising fast paced adventure through the grifter side of the country!!" -Too Square Magazine

"It was so sleazy, I needed a bath after reading it!" -Chris P., Washington DC

"It's the filthiest novel in America!" -James B., Chicago IL

"I love the machine-gun writing style and the florid adjectives. What a fun story!" -Jessica S., KY

"...a little too X-rated for Simon & Schuster," -D. Rosenthal, Simon & Schuster

"Randy Everhard is the Robert Maplethorpe of the literary world." -Xavier C., Studio City CA

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