Here is a sample of "Strega"

Strega opened the door to the outside and stepped quickly out, allowing the door to close silently behind her. It was dark out, but the glow from the restaurant and a few ornamental lights gave her more than adequate light. At the back side of the restaurant, where the deck faced the more mundane forest stood the girl.

Strega's tongue caressed her lips. The woman radiated youth and vitality. Her image gave off a heat that to Strega's eyes was bright and strong. Strega glanced around the deck. There was no one else outside on this cold night, and the girl was outside the view of the front windows. She wouldn't have a better opportunity.

She approached the woman silently. Not until she was within arm's reach did the young woman sense her presence. She looked about for a moment and then turned. A look of surprise came to her face. "Hello. You were on the tram ride up here, weren't you?"

"Yes, my dear. I was."

"Did you need some air, too? I didn't notice you in the smoking section where James insisted we sit."

"No, I wasn't in that section. I saw you leave and thought I would see if you needed assistance."

"Oh, how sweet of you. No, I'm fine."

"Of course. I can see that now."

Strega stepped closer to the girl. She could see the beat of her pulse in the veins of her neck. She raised her hand and traced one of the veins. The girl shivered under her touch.

"W-what are you doing?"

"You are very beautiful, my dear," Strega said and stepped closer. "But you are shivering. Are you cold?"

"I-I ... Yes, I am cold," the girl answered as her will was crushed in the mesmerizing power of Strega's.

"I though so. Here then, let me keep you warm." Strega raised the edge of her cape and the girl stepped into her embrace.

Strega led her down the walk, farther from the interfering lights of the restaurant and nearer the edge of the precipice. The girl allowed herself to be meekly led, oblivious to the heights that she'd earlier feared.

Strega stopped at the railing bordering the cliff and turned the girl to face her. "You are so very beautiful, my dear. So young. So full of life. I want you." The girl raised her eyes to Strega's. They were blank.

Strega picked the girl up and sat her on the railing, then released her and opened the collar of her coat. Chill bumps rose on the girl's bare neck. Strega's fingers caressed her skin, and softly roamed over her body, enjoying the feel of the youthful flesh. The girl moaned.

"So beautiful," Strega repeated as she lowered her lips to the vein on the left side of the girl's neck. She felt the hot blood coursing just beneath the skin. It aroused her.

Her tongue snaked out, forked, and probed the flesh. It tasted of youth. Her canines lengthened with her arousal, growing and narrowing. Unable to contain herself any longer she bit deep, penetrating the jugular, as the girl moaned her orgasm. Warm blood tickled her teeth, arousing her still further. She withdrew the ivory and caressed the twin holes with her tongue. Her saliva mingled with the girlís blood, neutralizing its clotting agents.

Strega drank.

The girl continued to shiver through violent multiple orgasms as her life drained rapidly away.

In a minute Strega regained her composure as her previously uncontrollable lust subsided. Her desires sated, she raised her mouth from the girl's neck. Without her tongue to keep the wounds open the neck muscles all but sealed the tiny openings. The girl still lived, but she was weak. Strega knew from experience that the girl could survive - if Strega permitted it. But unfortunately she didn't have the time she needed to compel the girl to forget what had happened. She'd already been gone from the table too long. At any minute someone could wander outside the restaurant and spoil her evening. No, as much as she enjoyed the taste of this one, she would have to be disposed of. Such a pity.

The girl leaned forward against her, no longer able to support herself. Strega closed the long fingers of her right hand about the girlís neck and lifted. She swung her up and out over the precipice, then easily tossed her away from the edge. The girl fell silently into the dark. In a moment, not even Strega's exceptional vision could pick her out. She listened and after an incredible length of time, heard a meaty whap rise up from the rocks below. She dipped a hand into a concealed pocket in the folds of her cape and removed a dainty lace handkerchief. She dabbed lightly at the corners of her mouth, ensuring she hadnít missed any traces of blood, and returned the handkerchief to her pocket.

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