D. Edward Bradley

David Edward Bradley's fascination with foreign places comes naturally. Conceived on the Dark Continent in the British Colony of Nigeria, where his father worked as a surveyor, he grew up in the 1930's. His most vivid childhood memory was seeing the menacing shadow of the Graff Zeppelin floating among the clouds, a portent of things to come. At the age of four, his mother joined her husband in Africa. They were stranded there during much of the Second World War, leaving him with his grandmother. In 1943, his parents returned to England, and David moved on to Public School where the privations of daily life, and the VI flying bombs left their mark. Mr. Bradley admits that his early career as a Research Physicist came about through an aptitude for repairing intricate mechanisms, and a timely job at a laboratory engaged in the exciting new field of Electron Microscopy. After several years of ground-breaking research, he gained his MSc and PhD degrees in Microbiology at the University of Edinburgh, and satisfied his wanderlust by participating in scientific expeditions and conferences around the globe. In 1974, Dr. Bradley immigrated to Canada where he worked at Memorial University of Newfoundland. There, at the easternmost edge of North America, where the passage of years is marked by the southward migration of icebergs from Greenland, he continued his research in Microbiology. He retired in 1995. D. Edward Bradley now devotes his time to writing fiction at his home in Kingston, Ontario. He is the author of "Harry's War," which was published in 2001.

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