The year is 2015. Deep within the Antarctic Ice Sheet a hotspot suddenly appears on satellite tracking. The US science team that is sent from McMurdo Station to investigate finds an icy graveyard. Minutes later, their transmission is cut off. The last sounds heard over the radio are their screams.

NASA lures volcanologist Erica Daniels to a conference in Houston by promising to consider her for their upcoming mission--establishing the first moon base. Instead, her archrival and ex-lover, David Marsh, gets the plum assignment, while she's sent to Antarctica to lead a new team beneath the ice. Even worse, she's sent in blind. They told her about the thermal signature, but not about the bodies. Where did they come from? They don't belong to the missing investigative team, so what had become of her fellow scientists? Is the activity under the ice the remnants of an ancient civilization or is there a more sinister explanation? The answer could mean the very survival of the human race. To find out, Erica will have to join forces with the man she despises--a man who's on the moon.

$15.95 retail. 328 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

Here's what the critics have to say:

"She may be a new kid on the science fiction block, but Ottawa writer Deborah Jackson could well rank with the likes of Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clark....Ice Tomb is surprising not just for its entirely believable plot and well-crafted suspense, but because it has all the earmarks of a tale written by a sci-fi master."
-Mike Gillespie, Books Editor
The Ottawa Citizen

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