Robert Baird

At a young age growing up with a father who had read the total complement of books in a library as a teenager and older brothers who had read Moby Dick by grade two, I had to compete. I learned to love learning and at the age of five I was in grade two because the only grade I skipped was kindergarten (it started the next year where I was living outside Toronto) and they let me in early due to the obvious success of my oldest brother who was already teaching adults in the military while still in grade eight. School bored me and I went from Grade 13 in Ontario into the last year you could get into Public Accounting without a degree. It seems that I was always just getting in under the wire.

After three years of accounting and having been an officer in the Militia which I joined a year before I should have (my only real lie in life) I started my own business with my brother John. It involved traveling all over the States and a lot of learning occurred. We promoted cities in a unique advertising poster and hired my engineer oldest brother. At the age of about 30 I was a millionaire and wrote College Equivalency tests to by pass a BA and got into the best business university through a very exclusive program that required getting over 75%-ile in the Princeton GMAT among other things. Oh, I was written up as a new Horatio Alger and had all I thought I wanted - but it was not good for me, I found. I next got into R & D dealing in a concept that Tesla would have enjoyed hearing how the big boys love to shelve the truly cheap and educative potential that science can offer. I had married a teacher who I loved so much I had given my all for ten years to get married. But she found living with a forever commitment too hard to enjoy and we got divorced but still stayed great friends for 25 years.

About five years ago - I decided I would not play ball in the material world anymore and then began to fight the system. For the past three years I have been writing about a book every six weeks. Most people can't imagine how much it means to create and give your every loving fibre in your soul. Some say I am a fool. It is true! One of my lifelong favorite sayings is 'A fool thinks he is a wise man...'. I don't really care if you think I am a fool - try thinking for yourself - don't follow me - it is hard work - but I love it.

Mr. Baird is also the creator of Heal Our Word Now, which you might enjoy.

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