Dominic Peloso

The name 'Dominic Peloso' has a Kabbalistic value of 284.

Despite being very well rounded, he is usually obtuse and is rather pointed despite not being too sharp. He holds two MS degrees from Berkeley, and a third from JHU. He knows how to build a nuclear weapon, and has taught classes in the subject at the Joint Military Intelligence College. Due to what can only be attributed to a clerical error, he has been allowed to freely roam the halls of the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and a few places that don't even officially exist. He is currently developing environmentally friendly ways to dispose of chemical weapons left over from the Cold War. Besides writing subversive novels, his hobbies include; esoteric gnostic religions, hermeticism, tribal art, ethical philosophy, particle physics, environmental extremism, 20th century literature, feng shui, international politics, '80s dreampop, and several other things that absolutely no one else seems to be interested in. Although he sometimes wears black, he adamantly denies being affiliated in any way with the Knights Templar, Illuminati, or the Rosicrucians.

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