Men in Black...

An Ancient Manuscript...

A City that Isn't Supposed to Exist...

No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough!

Mitchell Sinclair is an innocent man who accidentally comes into possession of an ancient text. Soon he is being chased to the ends of the earth, pursued by shadowy forces who seem intent on getting the book back and eliminating all evidence of it. As he attempts to stay alive and translate the mysterious document he uncovers horrific and ominous details of an ancient, worldwide conspiracy. But the question is, can he find the answers he seeks before he loses everything?

City of Pillars charts one man's journey into madness, past the narrow confines of Western notions of reason and scientific reality. As he decodes more and more of the secrets of the City of Pillars, Sinclair is pushed farther and farther outside the bounds of traditional society and is forced to discard his morality piece by piece to stay alive. He is forced to answer the question:

How far am I willing to go to uncover the truth?

$14.95 retail. 220 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

What people are saying about City of Pillars:

"...Peloso does a nice job of interweaving a number of the more fabulous conspiracies with outlandish mystical religious beliefs to fashion a narrative that manages to hang together despite crossing over and back into the absurd." -Brutarian Magazine

"(An) Excellent page-turner to chew up a weekend." -

"The writing style is intense, deeply heavy. I actually had to get up and walk away for a few minutes more than once." -Teressa W, Sierra Vista AZ

"It was better than the last book I read!" -Dave M., Troy NY

"The scenes come like waterfalls!" -Joe F., Omaha NE

"I was hooked after the first paragraph!" -Janet R., Wilmington DE

"The observations on modern consumerism were great!" -John M., Atlanta GA

"As I read this book I felt like I was running a race!" -Julianne M. NYC, NY

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About the Author: Dominic Peloso

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