Charles Gramlich

Charles A. Gramlich grew up on a farm in Arkansas near the Ozark Mountains where Cold in the Light is set. On a long walk one afternoon he stumbled upon a tiny valley in the mountains where the trees seemed to gather around like dark and menacing angels, and where the sunlight chilled his skin. He never went back to that place, but he was never quite the same either.

Charles lives in the New Orleans area now. He's in his 40s, married, and has a teenage son named Joshua. He teaches psychology at a local university. Charles has had two previous novels serialized in science fiction and fantasy magazines, and has sold a lot of stories and essays over the years in fantasy, horror, and other, much stranger, fields. When not writing he can often be found cruising the back roads of Louisiana on his motorcycle, looking for a place where angels brood and the light is...cold.

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