Where the beings known as the Whoun/ came from, only a few know....

What they're going to do next is anyone's guess....

But in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, where a decades old conspiracy has started to unravel, a cop and a lady doctor are about to find out. Against an enemy from their nightmares, the two will have to fight, to save the life of an unborn child who isn't human, a child that will change their world forever.

In the brooding forest, they'll learn what it means to fear the dark.

...And the light.

$14.95 retail. 330 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

Here's what the critics are saying about Cold in the Light:

"...the book hooked me; a great start and it held me all of the way through. It had lot of really great action scenes and a good strong story" - Lance Storm, Pro Wrestler

Cold in the Light is an incredible piece of literature, combining a sort of science fiction meets horror meets new mixed genre. -Nancy Jackson, Dreamforge Magazine

"He weaves the story and characters in and out of one another like a movie, so the scenes play quick and intense, making it difficult to put the book down...If you're a fan of horror, but like a twist of dark, demented humor thrown into your nightmarish reading such as that of King or Barker, then you will probably enjoy the debut novel of Charles Gramlich." - CG Magazine

"Right from the get-go, I knew I would enjoy this story. Charles Gramlich has created very interesting characters that would scare the bejebbers out of anybody. The Warkind are a nasty warrior race that is almost impossible to kill. Nothing can seem to stop them as they tear through the land killing anybody in their path. The book starts off fast, and the pace remains up to speed for the entire novel. I found myself having a hard time waiting to see what was going to happen next." - Conan Tigard, The Reading Nook

"Cold in the Light has it all: conspiracies, hidden agendas, alien intelligence, and a frightening monster--and that's the first twenty pages! Each chapter jumps from character to character, giving the story an intense, real-time flow. But it's the characters themselves who make the story come alive. They have a depth, a completeness, that makes the reader want to explore their pasts almost as much as see what happens next." - Bret Funk, Author of Path of Glory

"...a spine tingling horror/adventure yarn. Gramlich's rich yet lean prose makes for a very fast paced thriller that packs a magnum punch, like an out of control motorcycle heading down a dark country road. This is definitely one book you will be reading with the lights on...Cold in the Light reads like the better tales of modern thriller authors such as Dean Koontz or John Saul." - J. D. Charles, The Logan Banner

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