Bill and Peggy Foster

Bill Foster has been in sales & marketing management for the past 35 years. He has worked primarily for large corporations and until eleven years ago, resided on the West Coast. He has written nine other unrelated, non-fiction books. He presently is self-employed with a local, family-run service business and teaching an entrepreneurial college course.

Peggy Foster has retired from a varied career of a self-employed professional photography business, customer service specialist, sales & marketing and many volunteer, non-profit, associations. She is now co-owner of a family run business with Bill. Peggy moved to Maine to be near her three daughters and three grandchildren.

Nadine Wheeler

Nadine Wheeler is a Certified Hypnotist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. She specializes in complimentary Medical Hypnosis working with clients seeking assistance with childbirth preparation, pain and stress relief, smoking cessation and weight control. While she uses regression techniques to help clients deal with numerous issues, she had never worked with an alien abduction experiencer until she met Bill and Peggy. Nadine lives in Maine with her husband, several parrots, half a dozen cats and her Pug, Ziggy.

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