Here are some supplementary material associated with "The Black Triangle Abduction" It was not included with the book due to space and size considerations:

Article 1
This is the example of the "creative" reporting done by many papers on Bill Foster's sighting. The fourth paragraph, last sentence, he never said: "Whatever was driving that thing could blow us up!" The reported/writer invented that sentence.

Article 2
This is but one of hundreds of examples of black triangles reported to NUFORC from all over the world. Check out the National UFO Reporting Center under type description: "black triangles", you'll be amazed!

Article 3
This article reinforces the fact that many black triangles have been seen during that period of time within the same area.

Article 4
Just one sample of the dozens of notes of "thanks" Bill Foster got for going public with the sighting. You probably never knew so many people were so afraid to talk about the subject.

Article 5
Two notes. One from George Fawcett - Director of MUFON for North Carolina and the other from a reporter with whom Bill Foster shared the Sheriff's report of the radio outages from 10:00 p.m. that evening to 2:00 a.m. the following morning.

Article 6
Part of the "mysterious" package that arrived at Bill Foster's office with no return address detailing the two-way radio problem of that sighting night.

Article 7
Bill Foster's crude drawing of the triangle along with the article in the King Times News. Even that small circulation of 10,000 drew many phone calls to Bill Foster's house.

Article 8
The official MUFON report that Bill Foster filled out for George Fawcett and mailed to his office in North Carolina.

Article 9
Second page of the same report for MUFON

Article 10
The "ominous" front page of the Winston-Salem Journal showing Bill Foster. The picture was taken on a bright, sunny, cloudless day in Spring. You'd never know that from the 'doctored' picture, would you?

Article 11
Mysterious characters.

In addition, Here are some 3-d renderings of Bill's experiences, by John Kramar.

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