Brainwashing! Computer hacking! International intrigue! Psychedelic drugs! Female secret societies! Fringe science! Chinese beer! Walking corpses! The Goddess of Confusion!

All the staples of fun and conspiracy meet, shake hands, and get into fistfights in Axis Mundi Sum, a novel where conspirators of all stripes try to further their own ends and make sense of existence. Would-be journalists, freelance criminals, monomaniacal monarchists, dead Taoist sages, sci-fi speedfreaks, computer code fascists, Discordian potentates, lazy college students, Egyptian gods, and more engage in gunplay, mind control, phone phreaking, sexual coercion, disinformation, and other dirty tricks in order to gain the upper hand over anyone they can— with mixed, but always hilarious, results.

In a world where someone is pulling everyone’s strings, and it seems there is no escape from the hidden hand of shadowy powers, the only thing that might set you free is good old-fashioned absurdity, and Axis Mundi Sum is the place to find it.

$18.95 retail. 484 pages, 8.5"x5.5", trade paperback

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About the Author: D.A. Smith

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